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Since the establishment of the School of Mines Ballarat (SMB) in 1870, Federation University Australia has emerged in multiple forms, and under multiple names, to educate generations of engineers, nurses, and teachers – and in more recent years, game designers, sports and exercise scientists, craft beer brewers, and other professional occupations inconceivable to the University’s founders in the late 19th century.

About the Partnership

The partnership between the Federation University, Australia, and NCHS is another milestone in the history of NCHS and in private education in Sri Lanka.

Federation University Australia is honoured to partner with Nawaloka College of Higher Education.

At Federation we welcome many students from Sri Lanka and it is excellent to extend this partnership on their home soil, creating true global citizens of all who study with us. As Victoria’s premier regional university, we have been educating Australia’s future leaders, innovators and thinkers for over 150 years.

We have been here for our communities through times of difficulty and times of strong economic growth. We provide the learning, innovation and research they need to succeed and thrive.

In partnership with NCHS, we are excited to provide high-quality undergraduate programs in Business, Marketing, Management, Information Technology, Business Information Systems and Software Development.

The quality of the education we provide is recognised by Australia’s Good Universities Guide. We are number one in Victoria, Australia for full-time employment, graduate starting salaries, and for the way we support our students, develop their skills and for the exceptional quality of our teachers.

Our purpose is to transform lives and enhance communities. We support our students to succeed and shape the future. Join us on the journey!

Professor Duncan Bentley, Vice-Chancellor and President, Federation University Australia

The partnership between the Federation University, Australia, and Nawaloka College of Higher Studies is another milestone in the history of NCHS and in private education in Sri Lanka.

The origin of Federation University (FedUni) can be traced back to 1870, making it the fourth oldest tertiary education institution in Australia. The university is known for its focus on making students effective global citizens by imparting the necessary skills, aptitude, and knowledge. This ethos makes the Federation university the right match for NCHS, as we give priority in making our students employable and industry engaged.

Nawaloka Holdings is one of the leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka, which spans across Health Care, Construction, Manufacturing, Trading and Aviation. The venture into Higher Education has proved successful, as students can now begin their studies at the Nawaloka Colleges in Colombo or Kandy, and thereafter transfer to the various partner universities, or even complete their degrees in Sri Lanka. Nawaloka College of Higher Studies endeavors to sustain the Sri Lankan government’s vision to be an international hub of excellence for higher education. It is our great pleasure to be an active contributor to the country’s knowledge based economic growth, through the addition of new partnerships such as with the Federation University.

Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, Chairman Nawaloka Holdings and Nawaloka College of Higher Studies

It is with great pleasure that the Nawaloka College of Higher Studies and Federation University of Victoria, Australia join hands to provide a unique opportunity for Sri Lankan students – full degree completion programs in Sri Lanka.

Our vision at Nawaloka College has always been to provide new, high quality educational opportunities for our country. Our partnership with Federation University adds a very significant development in this regard.

The Federation University has chosen Nawaloka College as their Sri Lankan partner because of the strong reputation we have established in delivering Australian university programs. This is reflected in the academic success of our students, as well as their career readiness through the acquisition of communication, technological, innovation and analytical knowledge and skills. We are proud to be able to offer these skills to the students of today, for the world of tomorrow.

We are now commencing enrolments in two very popular fields of study together with Federation University. The Bachelor of Business will offer majors in Management and Marketing, while the Bachelor of Information Technology allows students to specialize in either Software Development or Business Information Systems. Each degree features the latest knowledge required for the challenges of the future so that technological change integrates with societal well-being.

We look forward to welcoming students to NCHS, and empowering them with a reputed Australian degree, helping them become the future of tomorrow.

Victor Ramanan, Deputy Chairman and CEO of Nawaloka College of Higher Studies

We are very excited that students in Sri Lanka will now be able to complete an Australian degree here at Nawaloka College of Higher Studies. Although international travel seems likely to remain difficult for some time to come, students can still seize the opportunity to gain a full Australian qualification offered by Federation University in Business or Computing and Information Technology. Federation is noted for five star teaching quality, well-recognised strengths in innovation and research and strong links with industrial and technological development. As a result, its graduate employment and graduate salary rates are the highest amongst all of the universities in Victoria.

Students enrolled in the Federation University degree programs at Nawaloka can study in either a full-time or part-time mode. Full-time students may be able to complete their degree in less than three years. While the full degree can be studied at Nawaloka students also have the option of completing part of their program with us and the remainder in Australia at one of Federation’s campuses located in Ballarat, Berwick (Melbourne), and Gippsland, all in Victoria, or its Queensland campus in the capital city, Brisbane.

We believe that Nawaloka College’s broad experience in offering international education programs, especially those from Australia, makes it a logical choice for students who wish to achieve an Australian university degree. The quality of teaching, excellent resources, friendly and supportive staff and strong international reputation have enabled Sri Lankan students over many years to realise their academic and career goals. Our experience in building student potential to adapt to international study requirements has seen many go on to succeed highly in their Australian studies. That experience will, I believe, be a great asset to enhance the success of our Federation University students. We are delighted that the Nawaloka and Federation partnership will offer these benefits.

Dr Alan Robertson, Dean of Studies Nawaloka College of Higher Studies